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About Saint Francis Cromo

              In the early 80’s, the partnership between Cromo N.B. in Milan Italy and Saint
              Francis Innovations (now Saint Francis Cromo) was born. Over the years, Saint
              Francis Cromo Inc.’s founder and present owner Carlos George and Cromo N.B.’s
              owner  Federico  Comincini  strengthened  their  friendship  and  business  ties  by
              having similar goals and values.

              At Saint Francis Cromo, we believe in conducting ourselves and our business
              with integrity, trust, honesty and humility. There is only one key factor that has
              kept our business’s relationships growing all these years; it is a shared vision and
              set of values. Many times, this is the aspect of business partnerships most taken
              for granted.

              Together with Cromo N.B., we have a common aim of making Saint Francis Cromo
              Inc.  a means to impact lives and transform organizations in  the funeral  profession.
              This partnership allows us to customize products to meet our customer’s needs
              and their families’ requests.

              Carlos George has been in the religious art market for more than 40 years and
              he was formerly part owner of San Francis Imports Inc. While working there, he
              noticed the religious art void in funeral service and many companies started to
              contact him asking for funeral products.  This was the beginning of the funeral
              line that Saint. Francis Cromo still offers today.

              While our heritage has been with religious art, our current product line includes
              secular designs in many of our product categories.  In addition, we offer one of
              the broadest lines of products printed in Spanish.

              About Cromo N.B. Italy

              For nearly 100 years, Cromo N.B. (Milan Italy) has been the home of many of the
              world’s leading contemporary Masters of Fine Art. In this catalog you will see
              many original renderings created by Simeone, Bianchi, Secchi, and Bonelli. These
              fine artists were among the many notable contemporary Masters who found
              their way to Cromo N.B. during this last century. As a result, the fine religious art
              produced by Cromo N.B. is among the best and most recognizable throughout
              the World.

              Our vast collection of images is as thoughtful and diverse as the cherished ones
              whose lives we celebrate. From love of nature, to love of faith, to love of country,
              Cromo N.B. prayer cards and other stationery products offer just the right way to
              remember friends and family.

              This art has consoled thousands over the years and as we add and adapt different
              images that resonate with different family cultures, we continue to strive to
              provide funeral homes with images that the families you serve will appreciate
              and cherish.
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